Career Design Online Course

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During this 3-month career reinvention course starting June 7th, you will learn step-by-step how to design your career from first principles so that you don’t have to settle for a 7 out of 10.

Designed for mid-career professionals, this online course will provide you with a fresh framework within which you can envision your new career. It’s never too late to commit to getting a 10 out of 10 in your career and your life!


  • Get to Your Core: Engage in fun and creative exercises to help uncover your core desires and commitments.
  • Career Risk Management: Learn how to manage the risks inherent in most career moves so you can overcome the inertia to take the leap and sleep easy at the same time.
  • Solve Catch-22s: With most career moves, you will encounter a set of catch-22s or chicken-and-egg situations. We will teach you strategies to untangle them.
  • Create Opportunity Feeds: Tired of chasing opportunities? Learn outside-the-box approaches to funneling great opportunities to you.
  • Interview Strategies: Ann interviewed hundreds of candidates in her former position as a recruiting manager at an elite algorithmic trading firm. She will share her insights and show you how to best display your edge.

Course Tuition

The tuition for this 3-month course is $785. There is a $100 discount for MIT alumni and students.

What will you get?

  • A 3-Month Career Reinvention Curriculum: Eight live sessions with custom designed assignments. The sessions will be held at 7:30pm EST on Tuesdays, starting June 7th. There will be weekly sessions during the first month. In July and August, we will have sessions every other week.
  • Recorded Classes For Your Convenience: Class sessions will be recorded and stored online so if you can’t attend live, you won’t miss out.
  • BONUS – Contact Scripts: Not sure what to email that important connection? Several effective email scripts will be provided for you to customize.
  • Forum Access: Access to a private forum where you can connect and network with other people in the class and discuss job issues.
  • Office Hours: In addition to class sessions, Ann will be available live during office hours to answer your questions.

Ann designed and delivered a two-day Career Design Bootcamp at MIT. Attendees gave the course rave reviews. Ann was recently honored with the Great Dome Award from the MIT Alumni Association, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the MIT community. Anyone pursuing a scientific or technical career would be remiss not to seek her guidance.
Leo McGonagle Director, MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership Program