What clients are saying about their work with Ann

Ann is an insightful and attentive coach. She took time to get to know me and help me attain professional fulfillment. She channeled my frustration from not getting a promotion into positive energy. I didn’t know if I should attain new skills, change fields or look for a new job.

Ann helped me regain my confidence and clarity in my path. I started working for me instead of working for the job. At the end of the year, not only did I get the promotion but I became a recognized leader within the firm and in my field.

Ann is a rare gem. She is familiar with the quant investment world and leverages her past life as a recruiter to give guidance based on real experience and first hand knowledge. My experience with Ann has been positive, enlightening, and motivating. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting more out of their careers.

Mee Warren Senior Vice President, Two Sigma Investments LP, NYC

Learning about Ann and her unique approach to career design came at an opportune time for me. I was navigating a major career change after spending two decades working with the same company.

She not only helped me understand the big obstacles I was facing, but she also gave me invaluable practical advice as I interviewed and negotiated terms for my new position.

The versatility of Ann’s skill set and her unwavering enthusiasm made me feel as if I could take the risks that comes with change. Now I’m working in a vastly different field that is challenging me to learn and grow in a way that aligns with my interests.

Neil Tender Senior Engineer, Ryft Systems, Maryland

At some point, we may find ourselves in a situation where we have pursued a successful professional life, yet are wondering about our direction and find that none of the simple answers are working for us. That, at least, was my reason for asking Ann for advice. During a number of sessions, Ann helped me identify decisions that needed making and questions that needed answering. The overall process struck me as quite comprehensive, and professionally executed– Ann’s approach satisfied both the scientist and the engineer in me.

Working with Ann helped me prepare for and commit to a major transition in my life. I have quit a prestigious but dead-end job in favour of a career that is more rewarding and plays better to my strengths. While it’s too early to say if this particular choice will be optimal in the long run, I now have a number of useful tools and insights to continue improving my career as needed.

I strongly recommend Ann as a coach to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they are dissatisfied with their job or their work-life balance, and willing to take the plunge to both better understand and improve their situation.

Christoph Reichenbach CEO, R² Software & Systeme UG, Frankfurt, Germany

I’d been mulling for months with little progress over a decision between staying at my current company where I had significant trust and influence as our Chief of Staff, or leaving to start a high-risk hardware company.

Time was running out and I kept thinking myself in circles, so I turned to Ann for help. With her incredible empathy and her rational framework for thinking through the decision, Ann was able to help me reflect on and prioritize what was absolutely important to me versus what was nice to have, and sussed out my open questions and fears. Then, she helped me structure a two week research process for answering my questions and assuaging my fears.

Within a month, I had not only made the decision with intellectual and emotional certainty, but also had clarity around the personal risks to watch out for in my new venture. Because of Ann, I now feel incredibly engaged and mission-driven every single day, and I’m looking forward to making a dent in the startup world!

Kanjun Qiu Founder, Ember Hardware & Sourceress, San Francisco Bay Area

What’s remarkable about Ann is her ability to systemize the world of career design in a way that appeals to my technical sensibilities. She offers reflective exercises to help me articulate my values, goals, likes and needs—and beyond that, a whole host of strategies for confronting the uncertainties and managing the risks in career changes.

While most of us rely on a certain amount of blind luck in our decision processes, Ann knows this landscape intimately. She’s passionate about it. This approach makes her a trusted advisor for turning a transition into a safe, controlled jump. Besides which, she’s dedicated to passing on her knowledge to students and clients: she equips us to keep updating our goals, checking in with our dreams, and positioning ourselves to let new opportunities flow in.

Lisa Friedland Computer Scientist, Boston

From my first conversation with Ann I knew that she had a unique insight and knowledge about the career design process. In her online course there wasn’t a single session that didn’t offer me something new to think about or apply to my career plans.

In the past, I had felt like I was at the whim of the ups and downs of working life, but Ann helped me realize that I had more impact on my working life than I realized. Now I’m working at a new position, and the skills I learned are invaluable in giving me a more proactive approach to creating a better career.

Greta Milles Commercial Real Estate Professional, Philadelphia

I was at an important turning point in my life and career when I joined Ann’s online course for career design. Her well organized presentations and exercises enabled me to learn more about myself and what I really wanted from my life. I find her energy and enthusiasm infectious. Her sincerity in wanting to help people find and realize their dreams comes through in every interaction.

Her class gave me tools to not only make this current transition, they are tools for a lifetime. Ann was a tremendous help in empowering me to revisit the ambitions that I had dismissed as being too daunting to dare.

Tomoko Akiba Architect, Lynch Eisinger Design, NYC

I was in the middle of a transition when I heard Ann speak at an MIT leadership conference. I was impressed by her organized and enthusiastic presentation. As I started working with Ann as a career coach, she immediately gave me the structure I needed to develop an introspective and reflective approach to my future career choices.

I found Ann to be amazingly supportive and accessible; and her advice was always concrete and practical. Now I’m integrating my values into my commitment decisions thanks to Ann’s steady guidance.

Pamela Gannon Educator, Boston

I really can’t say enough nice things about Ann and her career coaching skills. Before we started our coaching sessions, I was feeling lost and confused about my career path: I knew my goals but didn’t know how to reach them. From our first conversation I knew that Ann was someone I could trust and my best interest was always in focus.

Since I’ve been working with Ann the investment has paid for itself multiple times over after I earned two promotions in less than a year and a half. She helped me to not only find the direction to reach my goals, but she gave me the confidence I needed to take the action. Her impact on my life has not only been transformative, but holistic in that almost all parts of my life has seen vast improvements.

Carolyn Goetsch Director of Client Services, Straight North, Charlotte, NC